[U-Boot-Users] recieving network packets ?

Eisenhut, Daniel (GE Healthcare) Daniel.Eisenhut at med.ge.com
Wed Jan 25 15:58:14 CET 2006


> Hi,
>    I uboot - i want to recieve network packets.  I wrote a small
> program using  the code available in uboot.
>    However its not working ?.    Can anyone point me where i am going
wrong ?.

I've tried that method before and you'll run into nothing but trouble.
Just use what is already there!  Attached is a small patch against
u-boot-1.1.1 (I know, it's old) for net.[ch] to add a "Custom Protocol"
(maybe not the best name) that you can use.  Also attached is a
"send_message.c" file that I have in my board directory with which you
can use as an example of how to use it.  This is all still a work in

I'm working on custom MPC860 based hardware which contains multiple
independent processors that communicate via ethernet (done for legacy
reasons).  This code is used to communicate status from startup and
stand-alone test applications that get run.


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