[U-Boot-Users] Secure Firmware + Firmware Upgrade?

Rohit Sharma rohits79 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 03:43:45 CEST 2006

On Sat, 03 Jun 2006 01:54:49 +0530, Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:

> In message <586f5d00606020556s1940cd23seb0a8e7d67dc32a6 at mail.gmail.com>  
> you wrote:
>> The bootcmd envrionment variable shall "cp the-boot-script-image from
>> flash to RAM" and
>> "bootm the-boot-script-image". The boot script image is not compressed.
> This is redundand. "bootm" includes loading the  image  to  the  load
> address. No extra copy is needed here.
>> Case 1: If the boot-bit flag is set, the boot-script shall copy the
>> image to RAM and check the signed/encrypted image for authenticity and
>> integrity (how this is done is yet to be identified)
> You can check the image in flash before running "bootm"

Thanks for the correction

>> Case 2: If the boot flag is not set the boot-loader shall
>> copy the new firmware image to a given address in RAM via kermit  
>> protocol
> Copy from flash to RAM with kermit protocol? Either you omitted  some
> vital information here, or this is fundamentally broken.

Sorry for not being verbose, here I meant that if the boot bit flag is not
set it would imply that the firmware upgrade failed and its not safe to
boot. It would than wait to load the firmware via kermit protocol. This  
shall be saved to RAM.

>> erase the old kernel image at the given address
>> copy the new image from RAM to flash
>> finally save env so the new firmware is writable
>> set the boot-bit to boot from the new firmware
> You are aware that this is not really secure in any way, as it leaves
> many ways to run random unsigned images, too?

In my case the firmware upgrade is not secure that is my requirement is  
not to check
if the firmware being replaced is authentic or not, it is the signed  
firmware that matters.
The boot-script-image (which is set read-only) shall be the first image to  
be loaded and
shall check to see if the firmware image is authentic or not i.e. only on  
next boot?
Only when its type authentic shall it pass control to the main firmware  
else fall back
to default working.

Am sorry if i wasn't clear in letting you explain the same before. Do you  
still feel that its possible
to tamper and by pass the security unless ofcourse if boot-script-image is  

Thanks for you kind help !!!

Best Regards,

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