[U-Boot-Users] Error: end address not on sector boundary

Joao, Nuno (ext) nuno.joao-ext_nbs at siemens.com
Tue Jun 6 14:09:11 CEST 2006

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> Subject: Re: [U-Boot-Users] Error: end address not on sector boundary
> Now I changed my settings as follows:
> #define PHYS_FLASH_SIZE		0x000400000 /* 4 MB */
> ...

	This is mine:

#define CFG_ENV_IS_IN_FLASH     1
#define CFG_ENV_SECT_SIZE       0x40000     /* 256K (one sector) for env */
#define CFG_ENV_SIZE            CFG_ENV_SECT_SIZE
#define CFG_ENV_ADDR            0xffe00000

	I have a 256KB sized-sector flash, u-boot (512KB) at 0xFFF80000 
	(at the end of flash) and the environment at 0xFFE00000 (1 sector).

> Now I can make saveenv, but after restart the bootloader is damaged!

	This probably means that you're setting your environment to
	overlap u-boot's flash area. Check your memory map and (re-)read
	the file README in u-boot's root directory about the environment's
	configuration defines.

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