[U-Boot-Users] Using at91 with a different parallel flash, request for help

Roman Kolesnikov romank at randrlabs.com
Sun Jun 11 20:46:26 CEST 2006

Hello everyone,

I found the difference (with the help of Koan) in the command list and 
cycles for the newer Atmel chip. I have a new driver now to access the 
flash, and it works ok. However, I still have problem with UBoot1.1.4. 
When I load UBoot originally into flash and run, everything works well. 
However, when I restart the uboot from flash again, I think uboot 
overwrites something in the environment variables. My environment 
variables become corrupt. For instance the very first sign is invalid 
input, output, and debug settigns on the second start up.

When I print the environment variables, I get about 8K of garbage data. 
I wonder what could be causing my corruption. It only occurs in the 
environment variables.


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