[U-Boot-Users] porting u-boot on custom board based on MPC8541

duhg at digitalchina.com duhg at digitalchina.com
Wed Jun 14 04:23:47 CEST 2006


I'm developing a board based on MPC8541,the memory map of the board is 
like this:

0xfff80000      0xffffffff      TLB1_5  Boot Rom        512KB SST39VF
0xff700000      0xff7fffff      TLB1_1  CCSR            1MB
0xff680000      0xff6fffff      TLB1_8  NvRAM           512KB(128KB) 
0xff600000      0xff67ffff      TLB1_8  CPLD            512KB
0xF4000000      0xf7ffffff      TLB1_6  Image Flash     64MB Intel 28f
0xf0000000      0xf3ffffff      TLB1_7  Extend Flash    64MB NAND
0x00000000      0x0fffffff      TLB1_3  DDR Bank1       256MB
0x10000000      0x1fffffff      TLB1_4  DDR Bank0       256MB
0x20000000      0x2003ffff      TLB1_2  L2 SRAM 256K
0x80000000      0x8fffffff      TLB1_9  PCI0    256M
0x90000000      0x9fffffff      TLB1_10 PCI0    256M 

The board has two GE port on TSEC using BCM5461S,two serial port on UART 
using SP3232.
How can I porting the u-boot to fit my board?

I have completed the first stage by this:
1.Add MYBOARD_config option to the top level of u-boot.
2.cp board/cds/mpc8541cds/* board/cds/MYBOARD/
3.rename mpc8541cds.c to MYBOARD.c and replace "mpc8641cds" with "MYBOARD" 
in some files
4.cp include/configs/mpc8541cds.h MYBOARD.h
5.make MYBOARD_config,make,
6.It success build, of course not work on the target.

I know that I must custom the files below MYBORD dir, but any others? 
especially the UART ,BootRom and flash drivers.
I find some messages about BCM5461S driver in the mail list,how can I get 

I'm newer of using u-boot.Any help will be appreciated

by Duhg
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