[U-Boot-Users] Dynamic location of the environment sector

Angelos Manousarides amanous at inaccessnetworks.com
Wed Jun 21 19:21:45 CEST 2006

Angelos Manousarides wrote:

> Another problem I encountered has to do with the manipulation of the 
> environment with the "saveenv" command. The image I produced was ok, I 
> booted and the default environment was recognized. I saw that the file 
> common/environment.c defines before the environment the env_size 
> variable, therefore placing the environment at 0x4004 than 0x4000 that 
> is my hard coded offset. This causes a problem with the saveenv command, 
> since here (common/env_flash.c):
> #ifdef CMD_SAVEENV
> /* static env_t *flash_addr = (env_t *)(&environment[0]);-broken on 
> ARM-wd-*/
> static env_t *flash_addr = (env_t *)(CFG_ENV_ADDR + sizeof(unsigned long));
> #endif
> the address the command uses is the initial offset (0x4000) and not the 
> actual offset after the env_size variable.
> Is this a bug introduced by the workaround for the flash_addr? Or am I 
> doing something wrong and the env_size variable should never have 
> appeared in my code?

Ooops, sorry I forgot to mention that with the above line changed to:

static env_t *flash_addr = (env_t *)(CFG_ENV_ADDR + sizeof(unsigned long));

the saveenv command produced the desired result. I am not so sure if 
this is the appropriate solution, it is a bit hard-coded, but I thought 
I should mention it. It would be more desirable to infer the address of 
the environment directly, but I am not sure how this can be done for the 
PXA architecture (or in a unified way for all architectures for that 

Angelos Manousaridis

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