[U-Boot-Users] How to submit a U-Boot patch

Ben Warren bwarren at qstreams.com
Wed Jun 21 23:32:29 CEST 2006


On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 09:04 -0600, Jarrod Wood wrote:

>  However, I have never submitted a patch before and
> therefore unfamiliar with the process. I have read the README file
> which gives some details about verifying the patch works with all
> boards, but seems to lack details about where and how to create and
> submit the patch.

I'm no expert, and fully expect to be called on this, but anyway...

The first thing to do is make sure you have the latest source from the
git repository.  Here's how:


Now, make your changes, additions, etc.
If you're adding new files, you need to add them to your local
repository with:

    git-add <file name>

Then commit all changes:

    git-commit -a

Then create the patch file

    git-diff master^ > <patch file>

The README is pretty clear on submitting the patch, but I do see people
doing two things that aren't mentioned:

1. put [PATCH] in the subject
2. Send e-mail to u-boot-patches at denx.de in addition to this mailing
list.  I'm guessing that this automatically enters the submission into
the shiny new patch tracking system, since such submissions are always
followed by an automatically generated [DNX...] e-mail.  I don't know if
this system is still in the testing phase or whether it's available for
widespread use.  *** SOMEBODY PLEASE CLARIFY ***.  It's quite possible
that this is all on the denx.de TWIKI and I'll be told to RTFM, but if
so it's not obvious.

Hope this helps.


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