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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Mar 1 01:54:56 CET 2006

In message <NEBBKBLAILPMPGBGOPJLAEFLGNAA.jerry at schieffer.us> you wrote:
> Recently, I acquired a few surplus boards from a defunct product for
> the home entertainment industry.  The boards have an IBM PowerPC
> 405GP,support for DRAM, PCI bus cards and an onboard IDE controller
> (Promise PDC20265) as well as serial and Ethernet I/O.  The board
> originally has PPCBoot firmware (see attachment at end of this email
> for details).

I suggest you ask the manufacturer of these boards for the PPCboot sources. They must be available (GPL).

> configuring U-Boot for the board.  (Or if someone recognizes the board
> and could tell me a valid model configuration to use, so much
> better --Silk screen information says "Digital Home Technologies". ).

That's not much of information.

> I am new to ELDK, PPC, and Linux, so I need pointers to how to
> proceed.  I wonder if the interrupts for the IDE controller are

In general U-Boot does not use interrupts.

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