[U-Boot-Users] Adding devices' init in board.c

Frederic Kwiatkowski stagedrt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 15:55:56 CET 2006

Hello all

I'm looking to init an external device (an lcd screen through a RM9200
based board) while starting U-Boot. So i've write a binary file to
check if my .C sources were right and load it into the RAM. Typing the
go 20000000 command (after a tftp transfer) get success and my device
is initialised.

So i've tryed to put a function call in my arm board.c and while i'm
building the new U-Boot.bin, everything is right (the .o file is
created and u-boot.bin is build), but nothing is running (there is no
message and prompt on my RS232 Debug display and the board is not

Is there something specific to do to init a device using board.c? or
is there any possiblity to include and launch the binary file in

With regards

Frederic Kwiatkowski

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