[U-Boot-Users] Patch queue outlook?

bbosch at iphase.com bbosch at iphase.com
Fri Mar 3 02:07:54 CET 2006


I see there has been some promising commit activity in your U-Boot git
tree over the past couple of weeks, tho it is not always clear to me
what drives the choice of patches being applied.

I know you are very busy [answering silly questions among other
things, judging by traffic on this list :-) ] and I'm sure we all
greatly appreciate your constant help and leadership, but...

Can you give us some statistics on the state of your patch queue and
perhaps an idea about when you might get to the bulk of the patches
submitted during the last quarter of last year (and earlier)?

If you don't reject a patch immediately on submission is it likely
it will be committed some day?

Should I wait to submit patches which depend on patches already
submitted by others or just assume the previous patches will be
committed eventually?


--Brad Bosch

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