[U-Boot-Users] Submitting PXA270 Mainstone patch

Marco Cavallini arm.linux at koansoftware.com
Wed Mar 8 16:36:02 CET 2006

I have developed a new board port for Intel PXA270 Mainstone board (aka 
HCDDBBVA0) against u-boot-1.1.4

Unfortunately at the moment ethernet support is missing because the 
smc91111 available code seems old and buggy.
However I'd like to contribute if is possible with the available 
starting work providing a minimal boot with command prompt.

Can I send my diff file to the list or you prefer to another place ?

Best regards
Marco Cavallini
Koan s.a.s. - Bergamo - ITALIA
Embedded and Real-Time Software Engineering
www.koansoftware.com    |    www.klinux.org

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