[U-Boot-Users] I2C eeprom utilities

S. Egbert s.egbert at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 8 17:53:48 CET 2006

> I ported and enabled the eeprom commands to u-boot.
>>From the readme file, it expects a bin file to be
> loaded into ram and then using the "eeprom write"
> command we should be able to program the eeprom. 
> => tftp 100000 eeprom.bin  
> => md 100000
> => eeprom write 100000 0 100
> => eeprom read 150000 0 100
> => md 150000
> However, when I try the above and check the eeprom
> content only the last few bytes are programmed. Any
> idea? How to generate this bin file? Also, the "imd"
> command is not working properly on my set up.
> I am using u-boot version 1.1.2 on a custom board with
> mpc8541 cpu.

Only last few bytes are written in flash after a sequential write block?

Usually indicates that the flash bus has a SMALLER bus width support
(i.e., 8 or 16-bit) and software operation is performing 32-bit
operations instead.

S. Egbert

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