[U-Boot-Users] SCC3 with very slow ethernet connection

Franca, Jose Filipe (ext) jose.franca.ext at siemens.com
Fri Mar 10 21:01:48 CET 2006

Hello u all!

	I have a mpc8247 based board, with the following ethernet configuration:

#define	CONFIG_ETHER_ON_SCC		        		/* define if ether on SCC       */
#undef	CONFIG_ETHER_ON_FCC		        		/* define if ether on FCC       */
#undef	CONFIG_ETHER_NONE		        			/* define if ether on something else */
#undef CONFIG_NET_MULTI        				/* no multiple ethernet interfaces */
#define CONFIG_ETHPRIME		"SCC3 ETHERNET"	/* ehternet interface is on SCC#3 */
#undef CONFIG_HAS_ETH1                         			/* do not handle 2nd ethernet address */

 * CMXSCR SCC clock route register configuration
 * - RX clk is CLK5
 * - TX clk is CLK6

#define CONFIG_ETHER_INDEX      3

 * CMXFCR FCC clock route register configuration 
 * - FCC2: TxCLK ix CLK14, RxCLK is CLK13


#define CFG_FCC_PSMR		(FCC_PSMR_FDE|FCC_PSMR_LPB)	/* Full duplex & local protect */

	The result of this is a slow SCC3 ethernet connection. I've checked all the steps listed in the mpc8272 reference manual and everything seems to be by the book...
	From snifing around with ethereal, i've noticed that the frames seem to be passed nicely. But, sometimes there are some frames that aren't received and i get bit 11 asserted  (NO Rx nonoctet-aligned frame. Set when a frame containing a number of bits not divisible by eight is received. Also, the CRC check that occurs at the preceding byte boundary generated an error.). 
	What am i missing here?  Any ideas?
	Thanks a lot for reading! Many more if you reply :)

Best regards,
Filipe França.

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