[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] U-Boot current CVS: Lite5200 fancy configuration

Stephan Linz linz at mazet.de
Tue Mar 14 16:38:30 CET 2006



* Lite5200 / IceCube configuration:
    - enable some of latest U-Boot features: HU Shell, NetConsole,
      MTD partition handling, EXT2 fs support, loopw, redundant environment
    - prepare a default MTD partition structure
    - extend MONITOR_LEN from 192kB to 384kB, accordingly move
      the two environment sectors


The patch comes in two different types (the two patches below).
The so named "extended_way" patch simply extends the configuration in 
include/configs/IceCube.h -- the so named "fancy_way" patch enclose all the 
board configuration in the special configuration define CONFIG_ICECUBE_FANCY. 
Only the two configuration targets "Lite5200_fancy_config" and 
"icecube_5200_fancy_config" will build code with the new and fancy 
configuration options. So the old default configuration will be retained.

The new MTD partition handling for Lite5200 / IceCube assume a Linux Kernel 
patch to work together with a two flash bank infrastructure. The related 
patch is pending.

Best regards,
Stephan Linz

while (!asleep()) ++sheep;
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