[U-Boot-Users] Set new board

Marco Cavallini arm.linux at koansoftware.com
Wed Mar 15 11:45:42 CET 2006

> I have make a new board with samsung s3c2410a processor, ethernet controllor
> cs8900a-cq3, 2 banks of samsung ram k4s283233f-hn75 and 1 bank of flash
> memory k9f2808uoc-ycbo samsung. total size of ram is 256MB organized in two
> bank (128MBx2). Total flash is 128MB. I need a help to configure the u-boot.
> How and what i can cange in the original file of u-boot version 1.1.2 to
> setting flash memory and 2 banks of ram?
> tahnks .

Flash and memory informations and related drivers are usually located 
into trhe proper board directory.
BTW I suggest you to patch against the latest 1.1.4 version in order to 
avoid to waste your effort with an old version.

Marco Cavallini
Koan s.a.s. - Bergamo - ITALIA
Embedded and Real-Time Software Engineering
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