[U-Boot-Users] Re: 8xx spi support broken

antonio.dibacco antonio.dibacco at aruba.it
Thu Mar 16 09:00:54 CET 2006

Thank you for your help, I found your post but how can I access the patch 
you submitted?


Vladimir Gurevich Scrive: 

> Hello Antonio, 
> Antonio Di Bacco wrote:
>> I enabled the SPI COMMAND in u-boot for an 8xx and it doesn't compile. 
>> Chipset in spi_xfer is not managed correctly!?! 
>> I'm going to modify this code. Anyone is interested? 
> Actually, the patch has already been submitted and you can find it in the 
> archives (see my posting with $SUBJ:  [PATCH] MPC8xx: Parameter Area 
> Relocation Support for SPI, I2C and SMC controllers
> (yes, I know it is not quite obvious). 
> Let's hope Wolfgang will get to it some time.
>> I know I shouldn't post on this mailing list for u-boot but where can I 
>> post? 
> Actually, quite the opposite! You are always welcome to post you u-boot 
> questions here. Do not post NON-U-boot-related questions! :) 
> Happy hacking,
> Vladimir 

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