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> 1 the memory map is in the file /include/configs/smdk2410 (i have use
> readme file for all operation) but i don't understud the means of some
> variables that i report in the code below. In particular i don't means
> what rappresents the PHYS_SDRAM and PHYS_FLASH and PHYS_FLASH_SIZE.

I can tell you that these aree the physical addresses and size of the
SDRMA and flash memory, respective - but I *strongly* recommend  that
you  start reading the code. Using "grep" quickly reveals where these
definitions are used and what they do.

Learn to use the tools, or you will have to ask again and  again  and

> 2 I have do some modify in this source code : i have insert 2 banks of
> sdram but i don't know how modify the value of the PHYS variable.

Read the code.

> 3 How can i setting the size of flash page ?

Read the code.

> 4 How can i know the compatibility my flash with other flash?

Read the chip manufacturer's data sheet.

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