[U-Boot-Users] Cannot erase flash sector

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Mar 24 15:19:12 CET 2006

In message <67a3f13e0603240556q6c1db650nbe7562335032839f at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> I have a question about erasing flash sectors, please tell me what
> steps I did wrong,
> If I want to erase sector from 20020000 to 20090000 for example, I use

I'm not sure if you mean what you say. For me, this sounds as if  you
ant  to  erase  the area up to (and probably NOT including) 20090000,
but ...

> "erase 20020000 2009ffff" to erase flash, it seems to be ok from erase mess=

This obviously  erases  the  next  sector,  too,  i.  e.  far  beyond

> But when I use "flinfo" command to see whether those sectors are
> erased or not, it shows
> the same above message:
> Bank # 1: SGS Thomson PSD4256G (1 M, uniform sector)
>   Size: 1 MB in 16 Sectors
>   Sector Start Addresses:
>     20000000 (RO) 20010000 (RO) 20020000      20030000      20040000
>     20050000      20060000      20070000      20080000      20090000
>     200A0000 E    200B0000 E    200C0000 E    200D0000 E    200E0000 E
>     200F0000 (RO)
> If I understand correct, sectors from 20020000 to 20090000 should be
> displayed (E),
> but those aren't. I don't know what step I did wrong.

Use "md" to verify if the sectors have been erased. If they are, then
check why you get a bad display; if they are  not  erased,  fix  your
flash driver.

Can you use the CFI-driver?

Best regards,

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