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Hi Mehul,

The u-boot for DaVinci EVM has not been uploaded to open source yet.
Please contact Jignesh Shah for the app note and necessary files on how
to do this.





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Hi All,

    I am fresh engineer in this field working with DM6446 EVM DAVINCI
board which contains DSP as well ARMEJ9. I need to bring that board up.
I don't have any experience of how to load the boot loader, how the
things goes after boot loader get loaded, so and so. I am working by
reading all the document in u-boot source tree and going through the
code of u-boot-1.1.3. So can anybody help me to provide document kind of
material that gives step wise DETAIL of all the steps starting from boot
loader installation to running kernel. such that it helps me to make my
task ease. I am going to download the boot loader file through UART to
internal RAM of ARM. Because I am confused that how to write the image
in NAND FLASH, thats why I am using the other option and that is to
download the boot image from UART where one host utility will be runing
on the host PC that does few handshaking with board's primary boot
loader and than downloads secondry boot loader from the host PC.



Mehul Gohel



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