[U-Boot-Users] Data Chache enable

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Tue May 2 19:07:15 CEST 2006

Processor: MPC8260
U-boot Version: 1.1.2
Project: Communication SDH

I am trying to avoid the D chache exception 200 when I
enable D cache. 

I know that the documentation indicates: "Data cache
cannot be enabled on systems like 8xx or 8260(where
access to IMMR region must be uncached). D cache
cannot be diabled on other systems where we (mis-)use
d-cache to hold an initial stach & some data..."

Are there any new commands I can include in the U-Boot
boot loader?

Does any one know what the specific register settings
are to avoid the data cache exception. 

If there is any documentation I overlooked please

I am new to this.

Thank you,


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