[U-Boot-Users] PXA27x USB support?

Markus Klotzbücher pacha at gmx.at
Fri May 5 00:58:07 CEST 2006

David Snowdon <daves at cse.unsw.edu.au> writes:

> Has anyone given PXA27X USB support a go? If not, I'm probably going
> to need to have a crack. Anyone else have a need for it? Any sage
> words of advice from someone who's looked at USB for another platform?

Not exactly the PXA27x but its successor monahans, which is more or less
identical regarding usb. I started of from the arm920t s3c24x0 usb_ohci
driver and it required few changes such as modifying the OHCI base
register and clock setup to compile and detect the root
hub. Unfortunately I couldn't do any further testing so far due to lack
of HW.


Markus Klotzbuecher

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