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	I've had a similar problem when booting an MPC8541E custom board.
	It was caused by having configured 2 chipselects only 32K apart
	(which should be supported). Changed to have 64K separation and
	the problem went away. I've never investigated the issue further.

	Best Regards

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I have a custom MPC8560 Board that I've been told to get U-Boot working on.

I've added in board definition into it and modified the default MPC8560ADS
configuration for it.  I have been able to burn it into flash on the board,
and step through it.  U-Boot boots up and configures the TLB and then jumps
to the proper place in FLASH to continue the load.  But it seems to go off
into the middle of nowhere when it comes to the serial_puts command.  From
the JTAG and using the memory map that U-Boot compile makes it gets into the
serial_puts function and then jumps off into main memory for some reason. 
It then halts at where the debugger says is an invalid opcode.

Has anyone seen these sorts of problems before?

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