[U-Boot-Users] how to burn u-boot into flash

xuxian lsfdxuxian at gmail.com
Tue May 9 14:54:04 CEST 2006

Hi all,

	I have a custom board with omap5912, Samsung 32M SDRAM, and Intel
Flash(28F256J3C). The board was designed according to the OSK5912, so the
circuit is close to OSK. And the hardware seems work fine by using the test
program in CCS. Now, I want to burn the u-boot in flash. I try the following
three methods, but all die.

1. Use osk5912-uboot-1.1.1.out provided by the CD of OSK5912, but it can't
recognize the flash device on my board and I have no idea how to modify it
or create one adapt to my board.

2. I noticed that CCS can read and load .ELF file generated by compiling
u-boot. But after I load it to SDRAM and run it, there is nothing in
console. It seems the console dead when it connects the simulator, and the
u-boot in RAM so reset is useless. Is there some methods to add a flash
writer at the head of u-boot? And how can I do this?

3. Recently, I find a tool named FlashBurn DSK, it can burn the ASCII hex or
Motorola-S file to flash. But I only have .elf and .bin file which can't be
recognized by the conversion utility in CCS. I use several utilities such as
bin2hex, elf2hex, but all failed. Can anyone tell me how to convert .elf or
.bin file to ASCII hex or Motorola-S file?

I have had this problem for quite a while and still can't fine the solution.
I just want to burn the u-boot into flash. I have an OSK5912, a custom board
and a XDS560 simulator. Any help will be appreciated. Thank in advance.

Best Regard,

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