[U-Boot-Users] How to support multiple flash sizes ?

Joao, Nuno (ext) nuno.joao-ext_nbs at siemens.com
Tue May 9 16:32:20 CEST 2006

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you wrote:
>> 	I've also a (MPC8541E based) system where I can have 64M or 128M
>> 	flash. I'm using CFI, and have this config:
> Why didn't you follow existing (working) examples in te U-Boot code?

	With the time I had available, I didn't understand how the other
	examples worked. If I remember correctly, the examples I saw
	not using the CFI driver, so they were not entirely applicable.
	did, however, took some info from them (thanks to you for
	them out).

>> 	This is based on u-boot 1.1.3. You will get some "unkown" banks
> And why do you use obsolete code for ongoing work?

	When I started, 1.1.3 was the latest version available. After
	changes, merges from older code, an appreciable amount of time
	testing by me and other persons, it is not feasable anymore to
	a "potential instability" by upgrading to a newer version
	there's one. You know very well that you shouldn't do a big
	change to software after testing. That would require at least
the same
	amount of testing already done, and I'm not given any time for

>> 	the smaller flashes.
>> 	It's certainly not the best solution, but it's a solution.
> No, this is not a solution. It's crap. Sorry, but I  have  no  better
> word for it.

	Yes it is a solution, independently of how crappy it is. Not the
	one, not a good one, but one. The best given the available
	(developer included!). I didn't ask for it to be included in the
	source, I just gave it as an example. At least there is one; as
a last
	resort, Laurent *has* a solution, or something that will give
him some
	orientation or starting point.

	If you prefer, I can refrain from giving any example here if I'm
not sure
	it is a decent solution; no problem at all.

	Best Regards

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