[U-Boot-Users] Re: License issues with Xilinx provided files

Keith J Outwater kjoutwater at raytheon.com
Tue May 9 18:21:09 CEST 2006

Peter Ryser <peter.ryser at xilinx.com> wrote on 05/08/2006 06:21:06 PM:

> Keith,
> thanks for the follow-up. I would have missed Wolfgang's email.
> I think we should take the discussion back to the mailing list.
> The drivers should be in a common location and the BSP generation 
mechanism should be used to overwrite these files for a given hardware 
design. That will always guarantee that the drivers matching the IP will 
be used.

Won't that mean that for any given design that uses a Virtex2/ppc405, the 
public U-Boot source tree will never be guaranteed correct?
It sounds like the user would be required to maintain a locally modified 
U-Boot source tree for each design.

That sounds like a clumsy solution.

Could we just set up a common driver library and provide a mechanism to 
allow a particular board to configure the library for the particular IP 
versions used in the hardware design?  Then the IP versions are specified 
in the board configuration file and you're done.

Note that no matter what approach is used, there is still the licensing 
issue.  I cannot, for example, submit certain Xilinx driver files for 
inclusion into U-Boot that I need to support my board.

Are you planning to add a complete set of drivers to U-Boot?

> Cheers,
> - Peter

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