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need mine. I am not over fond of dwarves; but if it is true you are
Thorin (son of Thrain, son of Thror, I believe), and that your companion
is respectable, and that you are enemies of goblins and are not up to
any mischief in my lands-what are you up to, by the way? They are on
their way to visit the land of their fathers, away east beyond
Mirkwood, put in Gandalf, and it is entirely an accident that we are
in your lands at all. We were crossing by the High Pass that should have
brought us to the road that lies to the south of your country, when we
were attacked by the evil goblins-as I was about to tell you. Go on
telling, then! said Beorn, who was never very polite. There was a
terrible storm; the stone-giants were out hurling rocks, and at the head
of the pass we took refuge in a cave, the hob bit and I and several of
our companions...

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