[U-Boot-Users] questions booting Linux on a mpc8247

Jim Fridlund jim at code4fun.us
Thu May 11 05:56:54 CEST 2006

Hi Sam,

Ultimately, I would like to load a multi-boot image
kernel + ram disk in a single file off the compact
flash (IDE) drive. At the moment, I just got the IDE
driver working. I had some problems with endian issue
as my IDE interface is basically implemented as a CPLD.
Even though I'm a big endian system, the IDE registers
are little endian so I had to add special CFG arguments
to get the IDE to recognize the drive. I'm also having
problems trying to access the DOS file system. This is
something I can pursue once I get linux bootstrapped

When I started with u-boot, I looked at the various
boards in the list. I used IDS8247 as a reference since
it was the same PPC8247. I realize I probably don't
have the boot parameters set up correctly (I don't
have NVRAM environment), but I figure I should still
be allowed to boot.

Here is my hardcoded info in the board specific header:

#define CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS                                       \
        "netdev=eth0\0"                                                 \
        "nfsargs=setenv bootargs root=/dev/nfs rw "                     \
                "nfsroot=${serverip}:${rootpath}\0"                     \
        "ramargs=setenv bootargs root=/dev/ram rw "                     \
        "console=ttyS0,57600\0"                                         \
        "addip=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} "                            \

                ":jim-r100:eth0:off panic=1\0"                  \
        "flash_nfs=run nfsargs addip;"                                  \
                "bootm ${kernel_addr}\0"                                \
        "flash_self=run ramargs addip;"                                 \
                "bootm ${kernel_addr} ${ramdisk_addr}\0"                \
        "net_nfs=tftp 200000 ${bootfile};run nfsargs addip;bootm\0"     \
        "rootpath=/opt/eldk/ppc_82xx\0"                                 \
        "bootfile=jim/uImage\0"                                         \
        "kernel_addr=ff800000\0"                                        \
        "ramdisk_addr=ffa00000\0"                                       \
        "ethaddr=00:01:47:01:02:03\0"                                   \
        "ipaddr=\0"                                        \
        "serverip=\0"                                       \
        "verify=y\0"                                                    \
#define CONFIG_BOOTCOMMAND      "run flash_self"


Sam Song wrote:
> Jim Fridlund <jim at code4fun.us> wrote:
> [snip] 
>> I can load the image via TFTP, but it hangs when I
>> try to run bootm. I searched in Google, but I 
> If you can boot kernel via NFS, the problem must be
> your bootargs settings in u-boot. Try to type
> the cmdline to here for check.
> Regards,
> Sam

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