[U-Boot-Users] Unable to boot a kernel on a MPC8560

CORVELLER Mickael mickael_corveller at hotmail.com
Tue May 16 19:00:43 CEST 2006


first of all, I am a newbie in embedded linux systems.

I'm trying to boot a board based on a MPC8560 (with a e500 core).

I'm using a RS232 console via a debug module connected to the SCC1 port of 
the 8560.

The boot loader is U-Boot.

It appears that the transfert of the kernel from the host to target is OK 
(I'm using TFTP).

Problems begin when I try to execute the kernel. The system appears to be 

I don't know if the board is really frozen or if I have "only" lost the 

I suspect that my error is situated in the load/execution addresses.

I've tried different couples of values : 0/0, 100000/100000, 10000/10000, 
200000/200000, etc...

I've also tried different file format (uImage, zImage.elf, zImage.s ...)

I've tried two distributions : ELINOS and DENX.

I don't know what's happened because I lose the console .

Here is the result of one of my tests :
-> niot 0
Client IP Address (0 for unknown)       = ?
Client address mask (0 for unknown)     = ?
Server IP Address (0 for unknown)       = ?
File Format S(rec)/I(ntel)/B(in)/E(lf)  = B ? e
Boot File Name    (NULL for unknown)    = pimage ? zimage.elf
Boot File Load address                  = 80000 ? 0
Boot File Execution address             = 80000 ? 100000
Data update in progress...
-> nbo 0
Initialize ETH 0 in progress...
Physical link is up at 100f.

TFTP parameters :
Client IP Address     
Server IP Address     
Boot File Format                E
Boot File Name                  zimage.elf
Boot File Load address          0
Boot File Execution address     100000
TFTP load in progress...
Packets :     2065
ELF information :
Loading  .text         @ 0x00800000 :    18620 bytes
Loading  .data         @ 0x00805000 :   966656 bytes
Clearing .bss          @ 0x008F1000 :     8500 bytes
Bytes received = 1057082, Bytes loaded = 0
Low address = 800000, High address = 7FFFFF

After that, the console is died !

I could use some help in trying to understand what's going on.


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