[U-Boot-Users] MPC8560 Using TSEC0 for Ethernet but no MII configuration

Peter Wright peter.wright at utstar.com
Wed May 17 17:38:57 CEST 2006

Never mind about this message.  I sent it last week and have been able to
resolve the problem since then.  No idea why it waited 5 days to send it.

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I have a problem right now.  On the board I have to deal with there is a
Marvell 88E6063 switch that is hooked up to my 8560 CPU.  There's a second
cpu on the board that is also hooked up to the switch.  (the switch has two
MII interfaces).  The problem I have is that the other CPU is hooked up to
the switch's MDIO and MDC lines.  So I have no control over the MII
interface or interface.

I have undefined CONFIG_MII and CFG_CMD_MII in my configuration file (board
specific .h).  But U-BOOT still wants to do MII configuration and fails
because the MDIO and MDC lines aren't connected.  The 88E6063 is configured
by the other processor and should have all ports working properly.  Is there
a way to set up U-BOOT to be dumb with the TSEC0 port?  Tell the processor
that it has an MII interface (4 bits tx and 4 bits rx) and just run with it?

To give a background on the 88E6063 chip.  It's a 7 port switch.  5 Ports
are PHY and 2 ports are MII.  But it only has one complete MII interface.
It only has one set of MDIO and MDC connections.  The datasheet for the
switch says that on reset it should fire up and run with no configuration
needed.  It bases its configuration on the pin inputs.  In my case the
connection is set up with MII PHY on the port the CPU I'm dealing with is

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