[U-Boot-Users] PATCH: Add command support for multiple I2C controllers

Menon, Nishanth x0nishan at ti.com
Thu May 18 01:28:27 CEST 2006

Hi Ben,
Thanks for the patch, I think we are in the right direction.

Here are my comments:
+#if defined(CFG_I2C_NOPROBES) && defined(CFG_I2C_MULTI_NOPROBES)
+#error "Only one of CFG_I2C_NOPROBES or CFG_I2C_MULTI_NOPROBES may be
Multiprobe needs sanity check with CONFIG_I2C_MULTI_BUS..

#if defined(CFG_I2C_NOPROBES)
 static uchar i2c_no_probes[] = CFG_I2C_NOPROBES;
+static uchar *pNoProbes = i2c_no_probes;
+#elif defined(CFG_I2C_MULTI_NOPROBES)
+static uchar i2c_no_probes[] = CFG_I2C_MULTI_NOPROBES;
+static uchar *pNoProbes = i2c_no_probes;

One problem: On 10 bit addressing mode, uchar is not enough to define
the address. This is present through out the cmd_i2c.c!

Line 556
+		return 0;
Return error value

#if defined(CFG_I2C_NOPROBES) || defined(CFG_I2C_MULTI_NOPROBES)     
                skip = 0;                                            
                for(k=0; ((k < sizeof(i2c_no_probes)) && (*(pNoProbes
                        if(*(pNoProbes + k) == j)                    
The scan for "don't probe addresses" stops at the first 0xff in the
pNoProbes array. This logic is fine for the first bus, how does it
handle the subsequent busses? I do "ibus 2 400" and then do a probe, how
will it pick up the non-probe-able addresses of bus 2?

I think since the context of the bus is known only to the platform
driver, the usage of the same should be passed on there/do something of
the following logic:
1. in ibus, store bus index (say bidx) in cmd_i2c.c
2. in iprobe, 
	a) use a local pNoProbes which is indexed at the (bidx -1)th 
	   occurance of 0xFF in the global pNoProbes
	b) use the rest of the scan logic..

Additional command for user to get i2c bus stats: ibi (i2c bus info)
which will call i2c_get_bus_num and i2c_get_bus_speed and provide users.

Nishanth Menon

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