[U-Boot-Users] Re: test VtAwGGRA

Rickie Gonzalez rickiegonzalez at altlinux.com
Fri May 19 13:30:59 CEST 2006

V / A G R A
X ^ N A X
A M B / E N
S O M ^
P R O Z ^ C
L E V / T R A
M E R / D / A
V A L / U M
C / A L / S
did not go back to the boat. He sat down in the dark by Bilbo. That made
the hobbit most dreadfully uncomfortable and scattered his wits. 
Its got to ask uss a quesstion, my preciouss, yes, yess, yesss. 
Jusst one more quesstion to guess, yes, yess, said Gollum. But Bilbo 
simply could not think of any question with that nasty wet cold thing 
sitting next to him, and pawing and poking him. He scratched himself, he
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