[U-Boot-Users] "How to change the Magic number"

nreddy at netenrich.com nreddy at netenrich.com
Mon May 22 14:21:01 CEST 2006


 I have a specific requirement to change the Magic number of the linux
kernel in my embedded system.

 I cound see the Magic number is defined in U-boot files:
 1.include/image.h:#define IH_MAGIC        0x27051956
 2.cpu/ppc4xx/start.S:     .long   0x27051956

  So i can modify in u-boot to make it compatible to my Kernel (i am using
montavista linux version 2.4.20), but i am not able to see this kindof
info anywhere in the kernel source files.
If anyone knows how the linux magic number is generated and what are the
 need modifications inorder to change magic number please let me know.

Thnaks in Advance,

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