[U-Boot-Users] mips cache and relocate_code()

Daniel Laird danieljlaird at hotmail.com
Tue May 23 11:59:14 CEST 2006

>Hi, the reason why the cache is not flushed, is that
>mips_cache_lock(stack pointer) (or so) is called before. This locks
>the whole data cache beginning from the stack pointer. Any other
>access to other addresses will not get into dcache, because the dcache
>lines are locked against replacing. See MIPS spec. Unfortunately the
>cache locking don't have to be implemented for MIPS 32 4Kc cpus. So
>the code i think has to be improved. I've implemented a fluch_cache
>routine to avoid the false behaviour, because the bcm47xx in my case 
>doesn't support it (as it seems for me). On the other side icache don't
>has to be flushed before relocating, because the start code runs
>uncached from KSEG1.
>So my thoughts  :)
I too am going to implement a flush_cache routine to solve some issues.  Are
you going to feed back your fix for cpu/mips so flush_cache is available to
all or when i get mine working should i feed mine back?

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