[U-Boot-Users] Serial output over a TCP/IP connection

Madhu Saravana Sibi Govindan ssshayagriva at gmail.com
Fri May 26 02:36:19 CEST 2006


Suppose I have this scenario: my target system (like ebony board) and
the host system (which hosts the linux image, RFS etc) are both
physically in one location, but I , as a developer am in a different
location (physically). Is there an open-source solution to
see/interact with the serial console output being sent by the target
to the host?  For e.g., if I use kermit or hyperterminal on the host
machine to see the serial console output from the target, can I use
another program to interactively route that console output over the

I googled for "serial to ethernet" connectors and I got a few hits,
which seem to be commercial versions. Is there an open-source program
for this? Or is there a different way of handling the serial console
output/input remotely?


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