[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH 0/14] Various USB device patches

Bryan O'Donoghue bodonoghue at codehermit.ie
Fri May 26 23:04:54 CEST 2006


The next few posts contain patches to support a number of USB device modifications in Das U-Boot.
As per netiquette I'm breaking the patches up into multiple emails.

The diffs for the next 14 patches come from top of git today 26/05/06


The following patches :
	- Add USB device support on the mpc8xx.
	- Add CDC ACM aka the USB standard serial emulation layer.
	- Add flow control to USB devices with a simple set_nak, unset_nak infrastructure.
	- Fix some spurious byte ordering assumptions in usbdcore*
	- Support Switching between gserial and cdc_acm in the usbtty console.
	- Extended the USB device logic to allow for CDC or Vendor specific Setup Requests.

I've included my own setup for include/configs/Adder.h so that people with 8xx boards can use this code easily.

The mpc8xx USB device code works perfectly with Linux 2.6.x using either gserial or cdc_acm. Windows includes a driver called usbser.sys which supports CDC ACM devices and I've used it in the past with other devices, however for some reason with the attached code the Windows host after *successfully* enumerating Das U-Boot, sends just *one* BULK IN token and then never polls again, this I believe is a bug with the Windows driver and is commented on here in my blog.

More about this here http://codehermit.ie/blog/?postid=10

I have had to make some superficial changes to usbdcore_omap1510 which I haven't tested because I don't have omap hardware. I *did* actually investigate getting an omap development board but a) I couldn't find a 1510 and b) the one I could find on the TI website seemed a bit costly for the sake of implementing the two flow control functions, my thinking is that somebody with omap1510 hardware could possibly test this out and give feedback/implement the flow control functions.

Let me know what you think.

Best Regards,

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