[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH 6/14] Add USB console support as default on Adder87x board

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Sun May 28 19:53:58 CEST 2006

>>>>> Bryan O'Donoghue writes:

    Bryan> On Sun, 28 May 2006 18:41:14 +0300 Yuli Barcohen
    Bryan> <yuli at arabellasw.com> wrote:

    Bryan> +#define CONFIG_USB_DEVICE /* Include UDC driver */
    Bryan> +#define CONFIG_USB_TTY /* Bind the TTY driver to UDC */
    Bryan> +#define CONFIG_USBD_MANUFACTURER "CodeHermit.ie"
    Bryan> +#define CONFIG_USBD_PRODUCT_NAME "Das U-Boot"

    Yuli> The values above are not Adder-specific. Do they need to be
    Yuli> copied to configuration files of every board which uses USB
    Yuli> console?

    Bryan> Yes they do. CONFIG_USB_DEVICE controls usbdcore_mpc8xx and
    Bryan> CONFIG_USB_TTY binds usbtty to usbdcore_mpc8xx, the idea
    Bryan> being that somebody might want to support a different sort of
    Bryan> high level USB device instead of a console, perhaps,
    Bryan> cdc_ethernet or rndis. In such a case CONFIG_USB_DEVICE would
    Bryan> be defined but, something like CONFIG_USB_ETHERNET or
    Bryan> CONFIG_USB_RNDIS might be defined, instead of CONFIG_USB_TTY.

    Bryan> CONFIG_USBD_MANUFACTURER would be something like
    Bryan> "CodeHermit", "Arabella Software" or "Acme" and then
    Bryan> CONFIG_USBD_PRODUCT_NAME would be a product name "Acme
    Bryan> Product X", so this would usually be very product specific
    Bryan> and vendor specific. Since all board-specific configurations
    Bryan> are kept in the BoardName.h file, my thought was that this
    Bryan> was the appropiate place to define these values.

I'm afraid in most cases they just will be cloned from board to board so
I thought it's better to have them in a separate USB-specific file. The
defaults always can be overwritten by board-specific values from

    Yuli> I think that default values (manufacturer, name, IDs mentioned
    Yuli> below) should be defined in a common driver-specific file.

    Bryan> If we had use of a Vendor id and two product ids, then would
    Bryan> could have a default set of values here, as Linux does.
    Bryan> However in the absence of a generous company giving U-Boot a
    Bryan> VendorID for use with 'n' product id's it wouldn't really be
    Bryan> possible for the above values be a default as such.

Not sure I understood why can't we use default IDs from the Linux USB
gadget driver generously donated by NetChip? I suspect that in most
cases in which U-Boot USB console is used, Linux USB serial device will
be used too so it would make sense to have the same IDs.

    Bryan> However I can see some logic to the argument that someone
    Bryan> like Arabella might want to have a usbd_vendor.h file, so
    Bryan> that multiple vendors could be supported by a board port.

    Bryan> +/* Never use the next two defines in any production system
    Bryan> */

    Yuli> So why do you use them as default configuration for any Adder
    Yuli> board?

    Bryan> Indeed. Really one should have a Vendor ID, from the USB
    Bryan> Implementors Forum, 0xFFFF and 0xFFFF are unassigned and are
    Bryan> defined as place holders, which is why the patch to README
    Bryan> states that these values need to be defined on a per-vendor
    Bryan> basis. For example were my day-job company to use U-Boot with
    Bryan> a USB console in a product, we'd define Vendor to 0x1865 and
    Bryan> Product to 0xANumber.

    Yuli> With such defaults, the sources always must be changed before
    Yuli> build. I'd suggest adding another configuration target to the
    Yuli> main Makefile for building Adder U-Boot with USB console.

    Bryan> OK. How about if we say that

    Bryan> 1) An AdderUSBCons defconfig will be made and
    Bryan> 2) A usbd_vendor.h file shall be created, where the _Vendor_
    Bryan>    specific defines to the USB console will be defined, thus
    Bryan>    decoupling the board port from being tied to any specific
    Bryan>    CONFIG_USBD_MANUFACTURER and so on ?

Sounds OK to me.

    Bryan> If this is acceptable to you and everybody else, I'll do that
    Bryan> straight away.

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