[U-Boot-Users] Re: Xilinx ML403/PPC U-Boot support

Filippo Capurso - DAVE srl filippo.capurso at dave-tech.it
Mon May 29 18:25:13 CEST 2006

Hi Peter,

I have a Xilinx ML403 board and I'm trying to make u-boot start directly 
from linear flash.
I compiled U-Boot with your patches for ML403 and I tried to syntesize 
an EDK project starting with the reference desing and remapping the 
linear flash at the end of the memory space. By the way, when I 
configure the Virtex-4 with the generated bitstream the 'Error 1' led 
(the red one) turns on, so I've certainly made some mistake.
I found the following message in list and I try to download the linked 
.zip file, but the link seems to be broken.
Can I have the XPS files with the correct memory map and system 
configuration in order to run u-boot from flash?
There are other important things that I should know for make it working?
Than you

Filippo Capurso

Peter Ryser ha scritto:
> Brad,
> I've uploaded a zip file that contains FPGA designs for ML300, ML310, 
> ML403 and ML410 as well as an U-Boot snapshot with all "Xilinx" patches 
> included to
> ftp://customer:xilinx@ftp.xilinx.com/upload/xapp542.zip (12 MB)
> The design for the ML403 maps the Flash at the reset vector. I have 
> several ML403s that completely boot from linear flash - bitstream, 
> U-Boot, Linux kernel. I've enabled MTD support in the Linux kernel. With 
> that I can upgrade bitstream and Linux image from within Linux.
> As you can see from the name the uploaded zip file is part of a project 
> to update the current Xilinx application note XAPP542 with a newer 
> version. I'm kind of been waiting for the September patches to be 
> applied in the U-Boot CVS but figured Wolfgang must be busy with other 
> stuff as I was myself.
> - Peter
> bbosch at iphase.com wrote:
>> Peter Ryser writes:
>> > BTW: you can find a snapshot of U-Boot with board support for ML300, 
>> > ML310, ML403 and ML410 at
>> > http://www.xilinx.com/ml410-p/designs/u-boot.zip
>> > The snapshot contains the patches that have been submitted to this > 
>> mailing list back in September of last year. For ML403 just use
>> Wolfgang,
>> Were the Xilinx patches (2005-09-28 thru 2005-10-02) rejected or lost,
>> or are they still in your queue?
>> Peter,
>> Do you happen to have a design for the ML403 that boots directly from
>> the linear flash?  Perhaps with devices mapped as in
>> board/xilinx/ml403/xparameters.h?  It would be easier to start with a
>> design known to work with U-Boot.
>> Thanks,
>> --Brad
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