[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH 1/1] Supplemental USB patch to previous 14 patches.

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Tue May 30 20:09:11 CEST 2006

>>>>> Bryan O'Donoghue writes:

    Bryan> Greetings list.  This is a supplemental patch to the 14
    Bryan> patches sent on the 26/05/06. It implements the various
    Bryan> changes to the patch set that I had with Yuli Barcohen
    Bryan> yesterday.

I'm afraid it's not exactly what we discussed. Please see below.

    Bryan> Let me know if further changes are required.

    Bryan> diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
    Bryan> --- a/Makefile
    Bryan> +++ b/Makefile
    Bryan> @@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ ifeq ($(HOSTARCH),ppc)
    Bryan>  CROSS_COMPILE = else ifeq ($(ARCH),ppc)
    Bryan> -CROSS_COMPILE = powerpc-linux-
    Bryan> +CROSS_COMPILE = ppc_8xx-

I don't think changing default compiler for ALL PowerPC targets was your

    Bryan>  endif ifeq ($(ARCH),arm) CROSS_COMPILE = arm-linux-
    Bryan> @@ -437,6 +437,9 @@ AdderII_config \
    Bryan>  	@echo "#define CONFIG_MPC852T" > include/config.h)
    Bryan>  	@./mkconfig -a Adder ppc mpc8xx adder
    Bryan> +AdderUSB_config: unconfig
    Bryan> + @./mkconfig -a AdderUSB ppc mpc8xx adder
    Bryan> +

I didn't mean to add entirely new board target. I think a new target
should be added to the existing Adder targets which would add a #define
for USB console just like "#define CONFIG_MPC852T" is added for
AdderII. Conditional on this #define, BoardName.h can include
usbd_vendor.h which we decided to create. In the current version of your
patch, it's exactly opposite: usbd_vendor.h (AdderUSB.h in our case)
includes BoardName.h (Adder.h). This means that for every board wishing
to support USB console you have to create another BoardNameUSB.h (which
is a clone of AdderUSB.h). What's about creating CodeHermit.h containing
something like this:

 #define CONFIG_USB_DEVICE		/* Include UDC driver */
 #define CFG_USB_EXTC_CLK 0x02		/* Oscillator on EXTC_CLK 2 */
 #define CFG_USB_BRG_CLK	0x04
 #define CONFIG_USBD_MANUFACTURER	"CodeHermit.ie"

and adding to Adder.h

 #include <CodeHermit.h>

"#define CONFIG_USB_TTY" would be added by the configuration target in
the Makefile. Any other board can then include CodeHermit.h
unchanged. To allow IDs overwriting, you can even use the following in


and so on. Hopefully we can use Linux IDs (NetChip) instead of 0xFFFF as
the defaults.

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