[U-Boot-Users] werid behavour with u-boot

Lei Sun leisun124 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 03:41:58 CET 2006

Hi all:
  Actually, my question might not related to u-boot at all , but I am
debugging u-boot on a customized mpc8270 board. By using JTAG, I was
able to load the u-boot code into RAM and single step through some
portion of the u-boot code. I am seeing weird behavour when it run
through the init sequnce. For excample, when I single step into the
get_clk() function, it could go all the way and return succesfully,
but if i set a break point after getclk() function and hit "run" to
enter that function, the CPU hangs!  Same problem happened to other
function as well, for examle, display_options(), vsprintf() etc.  I
can't find the patern what kind of function it could happen to.
  I'd assume it something related to hardware. Our board is a
prototype board, with lots of external wires to fix the bug,
especially , we have external 32 wires comming out of memory connected
to CPU!   I wonder if i could draw this conclustion, has any one had
similar experience, e.g single step is ok, but not continuesly running
the code.


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