[U-Boot-Users] Sector size with CFI driver?

Yogi pat_vim at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 19:29:11 CET 2006

Yeah, you can use the field at 4F (9E). If it is 2 it is bottom boot. If it is 3 it is top boot.
See page 27, Table 4-4 CFI Mode: Primary Vendor-Specific Extended  Querry Data Values 
in the data sheet.

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Tolunay Orkun wrote:

> Secondly, it looks like the erase region list returned is reversed for 
> this flash chip. I think, CFG_CFI_GEOMETRY_REVERSED would be more 
> appropriate.

I like that one better.

> Perhaps you can identify such a reserved list from the CFI tables on the 
> flash. If this can be done no macros would be needed to handle this case.
> Can you tell me the exact part number for your flash. I would like to 
> read the data sheet and compare its CFI structures if I can.


You can find the specs here by going to http://www.macronix.com, clicking on 
"Flash Memory", and then scrolling to the bottom for this entry:

MX29LV640B T/B    3V    x8/x16 Boot sector    90/120    48-TSOP, 63-CSP

I'm using the 48-pin version.

Timur Tabi
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