[U-Boot-Users] How to use u-boot to load kernel and file system toone partition in NAND

Charles Krinke ckrinke at istor.com
Thu Nov 2 22:24:10 CET 2006

Dear Nancy & "the list":


I have a similar problem to solve with a PPC8241 board which currently
has 2Mbyte NOR flash and 128Mbyte of NAND flash. Let me tell you how far
I have gotten and maybe someone else can offer some suggestions for both
of us.


In looking at u-boot, I can see in some jffs2 support in
common/cmd_jffs2.c and fs/jffs2 and it looks like u-boot can be
configured to boot a kernel in cramfs or jffs2. So based on that, I am
assuming that getting the kernel onto an mtdblock partition as jffs2
should allow u-boot to boot the kernel from NAND flash instead of its
current NOR flash. 


I am currently studying the code trying to figure out how to configure
this scenario.


Perhaps someone else can come in with a few suggestions for both of us.





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I am trying to see if u-boot allows to have a single partition for both
kernel and file system in NAND Flash.

Currently, we have one 4M partition for kernel and the rest of the NAND
flash for file system.

But, I am looking for possible ways of upgrading the kernel in the

Currently, I am looking at two possible approaches:

1. add an extra partition in the NAND flash and keep the second kernel
in there and have some way in u-boot to decide which one to load.

2. if u-boot allows, have one single partition for both kernel and file
system and upload both kernel images and have a soft link to a kernel


I can't find a way to do the second option above, but that would be
ideal for field upgrade.  Has anyone tried either of these approaches or
have any other idea of how to do this? I am new to using u-boot and



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