[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] [MPC52xx] Use IPB bus frequency for SOC peripherals / OF patches

Jerry Van Baren gerald.vanbaren at smiths-aerospace.com
Tue Nov 7 14:27:30 CET 2006

Grant Likely wrote:
> On 11/6/06, Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:
>> I see. Sorry, by brain has been a bit dried  up  from  all  this  bss
>> discussion.
> :)
>>> BTW, I've got ACKs from jdl on two of the previous patches.  Are you
>>> cool to commit them?
>> As soon as I find a little time.
> Cool, thx
> g.

Word of Warning: I pulled Grant's changes into my working branch and had 
a conflict on cmd_bootm.c because I removed two commented out lines (the 
commented out lines were debug calls to ft_dump_blob), but Grant 
reworked that area.  Those two deleted lines were the only changes I 
made to cmd_bootm.c so my changes to cmd_bootm.c can be discarded.

I have not gotten around to regenerating my oftdump command patch to 
remove my changes to cmd_bootm.c, I presume that is the best approach.


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