[U-Boot-Users] ethernet on FCC

Lei Sun leisun124 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 18:07:55 CET 2006

  While tring to bring up my mpc8270 based board, I found out the
u-boot is not receiving packets (It's sending correct packet when i
use ethereal for sniffing). When trying "ping", it generated an ARP
packet first, the other host replied with , but the board never seems
to receive it.
  When digging into the code, in cpu/mpc8260/ether_fcc.c file, it
tries to initialize the parameter ram by :

pram_ptr = (fcc_enet_t *)&(immr->im_dprambase[info->proff_enet]);

However, I can't seems to find where the info->proff_enet got
initialized. I am using u-boot-1.1.4, but the 1.1.6 code does the same
  The ether_scc.c file seems doing the right thing, because it defined
PROFF_ENET as a macro.

A bug ?

Another thing, I loaded the uImage into memory using JTAG, but the
"bootm" command failed when it tries to uncompressing the kernel,
error message is "inflate() returned -3". I am running u-boot in ram
directly , not from the flash, I have found some posts which saids if
u-boot is running from RAM, it can't uncompressing the kernel, but
without any explaination on why.


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