[U-Boot-Users] Flash not erasing correctly?

Warren Seymour woomail at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 23:13:18 CET 2006

I'm using a Toradex Colibri XScale CPU and eval. kit, but I'm having
problems storing the kernel image into flash.

I've successfully loaded the kernel image via TFTP into RAM at
0xA1000000 - now I wish to store it in flash.

The first two sectors (0x0 and 0x4000) are being used by U-boot, and
are protected. I want to place my kernel image into the next available
sector, sector 3 (0x8000) I've run 'erase all' which skips the first
two protected sectors, I then see 'Erasing sector x... done' down to
sector 127.

However, when I run 'cp.b a1000000 8000 $filesize' I get 'Copy to
Flash... not erased at 000800fc (ffff000e)'

Can anybody shed some light as to why my flash isn't being erased as
it says it is?

Regards, Warren.

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