[U-Boot-Users] TEXT_BASE problem

Foldesi Tamas sfthomas at sch.bme.hu
Fri Nov 10 18:49:00 CET 2006

Hi everybody,

        I'm new here, greetings to everybody.
I built a board for AT91RM9200 based on the DK; the main difference
is, that I have no paralell flash, only serial. I had my fights with
this, mainly because of some data aborts tring to cp to the flash, but
now that is over. Sincs I have 64M ram on the board I'd like to move
u-boot to 0x23f00000 from 0x21f00000. I did that I think, because I
altered the code of the dataflashloader, and I set the TEXT_BASE in
board/at91rm9200dk/config.mk. Still, I receive Data abort while
running MTEST, because of some spourius data around (0x21eddb..).
Before moving u-boot, I had the same problem - I had to change the
mtest range, so it doesn't destroy anything around there. Help me, how
could anything be under 0x21f00000, when TEXT_BASE is set? I used MD
to display data there, and I got some frangments of the bootup text
referring to my flash information like "Area 0: ...". What is wrong?


Thomas Foldesi

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