[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] CFI driver AMD Command Set Top boot geometry reversal, etc. [Updated]

Tolunay Orkun listmember at orkun.us
Sun Nov 12 05:42:47 CET 2006

Timur Tabi wrote:
> Timur Tabi wrote:
>> Stefan Roese wrote:
>>> As you may notice, even the ID's are not correct (0020 and 22c4 are 
>>> correct) and the geometry is not correct (bottom instead of top).
>> It looks like the problem with the IDs (I have them too) is that 
>> flash_read_jedec_ids() is broken.  After sending the commands, the 
>> function just reads the regular data instead of the command reply.
> Well, I think I fixed it.

Great :)
> In flash_read_jedec_ids(), make this change:
> -               flash_write_cmd(info, 0, 0, FLASH_CMD_READ_ID);
> +               flash_write_cmd(info, 0, AMD_ADDR_START, 

I think this change is what was missing which I overlooked. Intel does 
not need a specific address to write the command nor unlock sequence.
> I got the value of AMD_ADDR_START from the MX29LV640BT/BB reference 
> manual, which says that the third bus cycle should be a write of 90h 
> to 555 or AAA, depending on the width.
The documentation on this matter is a bit scattered. Bits and pieces are 
here and there. It was educational to me as well.

> Now when I run flinfo, I get this:
> Bank # 1: CFI conformant FLASH (16 x 16)  Size: 8 MB in 135 Sectors
>   AMD Standard command set, Manufacturer ID: 0xC2, Device ID: 0xC9
>   Erase timeout: 16384 ms, write timeout: 1 ms
> If this fix is real, then it means that flash_read_jedec_ids() never 
> worked for any AMD part.
There was no flash_read_jedec_ids() before I sent the last patch. I 
wrote it from scratch and the bug there belongs to me :) Since, I did 
not have AMD style flash myself was not able to test that path and that 
is why I was asking you to collect debug data . It is hard to prepare 
patches for an issue that you do not have in house :) Anyway, I guess we 
will not need the debug data now.

I will update the patch tonight and resend it yet again.


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