[U-Boot-Users] USB Support

Ajay Jain ajay050 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 18:38:09 CET 2006


We support U-Boot on our proprietary board based on ARM core. I wanted
to take up a design discussion with you guys. We want to support a
kernel upgradation on our phone (board). This means  that the end user
can upgrade his kernel and ramdisk on his phone during his lifetime. I
was thinking on how to accomplish this.

1. I feel that passing the upgradation control to the boot loader is
the most viable option. Any comments?
2. The other idea could be to upgrade the kernel while boot up by
keeping a redundant kernel and doing a ping pong.
3. Assuming 1), how well is USB supported in U-Boot. Since the most
elegant solution is to expose the phone as a Mass Storage device, is
the mass storage gadget driver available on U-Boot?
4. I see host controller support in U-Boot, what is the application?

Thanks & Regards.

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