[U-Boot-Users] Loading and executing a U-boot image within U-boot

Gerhard Pircher gerhard_stamer at gmx.net
Sun Nov 19 15:58:44 CET 2006


I have an AmigaOne system (PPC G4 desktop system), which uses U-boot 1.1.1 as it's firmware. I'm working on the AmigaOne Linux kernel port for the new powerpc architecture, thus I have to update the U-boot firmware to a newer version (>=1.1.4), which supports the device tree.

I got the lastest source code from the AmigaOne firmware developers (v1.1.3), but I don't want to loose the current U-boot firmware image, since it contains a special dongle code for AmigaOS4. Therefore I would like to know, if it is possible to load and execute a newer U-boot image within U-boot (over NFS or diskboot). If yes, would that require changes to U-boot?




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