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Gamble mstiau at bischoff-kg.de
Mon Nov 20 06:04:39 CET 2006

What am I doing here? And once the story has been made up, he will do anything to believe in that story, whatever it takes.
Understand what you have been given because it is magnificent. It is the truest victory for every human being.
The only thing you can do is just keep digging and digging and digging. Anchor then to that reality, and you will not drift.
But when you are in pain, joy is really close. If I do something at the expense of others, that is selfish.
But when it comes to us, to our nature, we have no idea.
But it begins with you.
Now stop mimicking sheep and roar like a big lion should.
Anchor to that beauty that is inside of you, and you will not drift.
Shine with that uniqueness.
All the sheep got scared and started running around, and so did the little lion. The answer must come from your heart, from the one place in you that is sincere, that is calling out to you. There has to be a self. To unwrap a gift that has been given is not selfish. Understand what this life is.
There is the truest love. Fall in love with that which is within you.
True reality is a feeling. 
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