[U-Boot-Users] [GIT PULL] AVR32 relocation

Haavard Skinnemoen hskinnemoen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 19:07:12 CET 2006

On 11/20/06, Tolunay Orkun <listmember at orkun.us> wrote:
> Haavard Skinnemoen wrote:
> > Now, I would like to use the cfi driver with the AT49BV6416 chip on
> > atstk1000 instead of the custom driver, but unfortunately, it doesn't
> > work. I'll have a closer look at it later (I think it's a combination
> > of the geometry reversal issue and a special non-intel unlocking
> > algorithm.)
> Try the latest cfi driver from git. My patch to address geometry
> reversal for AMD style flash was applied today.

Thanks, but I already tried the latest patch I could find in my inbox.
After I added a special case for AT49BV6416, it got the geometry
right, but it still needs to learn how to "soft unlock" sectors before

We could of course just unlock the whole thing at initialization time,
like Linux does. AMD-style chips aren't supposed to be locked after


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